Stock & Dividend Info

Stock & Dividend Info

Eligible Dividend Information

For purposes of the enhanced dividend tax credit rules contained in the Income Tax Act (Canada) and any corresponding provincial and territorial tax legislation, all dividends paid by Brookfield Real Estate Services to Canadian residents on our common shares are designated as “eligible dividends”. Unless stated otherwise, all dividends are designated as "eligible dividends” for the purposes of these rules.

Dividend Record and Payment Dates

Public shareholder dividends will be made monthly to shareholders of record. The record date is the last business day of the month. The payment date is the earlier of the 30th of the following month, or the last business day of the following month if the 30th falls on a weekend.

Prior to January 1, 2011, Brookfield Real Estate Services was an income trust, paying cash distributions rather than dividends.

Transfer Agent

For inquiries regarding share transfers, changes of address, dividend cheques, dividend reinvestment plan purchases and lost share certificates, please contact the company’s transfer agent:

CST Trust Company
P.O. Box 1
320 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5H 4A6
Tel: 416-682-3860 or 1-800-387-0825
Fax: 1-888-249-6189
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