Via Capitale

Via Capitale

Founded in 1991, Via Capitale Real Estate Network (formerly La Capitale Real Estate Network) has grown rapidly, outpacing competitors and increasing market share, to become the fourth largest real estate network in the province. Via Capitale has approximately 1,200 brokers and agents in more than 65 locations in Quebec, located mainly in urban centres and suburban areas. A high proportion of Via Capitale brokers and agents is part of the Fund Network. Via Capitale is known for its avant-garde philosophy, demonstrated by the innovative services it provides to its agents, and exclusive protections it offers its clients which provide buyers with a sense of security.

For sellers, Via Capitale provides a written service guarantee which describes steps the agent will take to sell the property quickly at the best price possible. These steps include listing the property on the Canadian MLS network and on the popular site, as well as on which is widely advertised on television and in newspapers and consistently ranks as one of the top five performing real estate websites in the province of Quebec.

The Via Capitale Web site also offers visitors the option of a personal folder that allows users to create and save different search profiles and even activate an “alert” function to automatically be advised of real estate offers matching their required search profiles. For buyers, the website also provides a powerful search tool that includes featured homes and a listing of open houses.

For buyers, Via Capitale offers the only after-sales service in the industry. This includes free Homebuyer Protection covering appliances sold with the home as well as the home’s plumbing, electricity and heating system for a full year; and Mortgage Protection which covers mortgage payments in the event of job loss for up to 12 months or $25,000.

Via Capitale also offers buyers coupons, gift certificates and/or discounts on products and services for the home.

Via Capitale’s customer service, innovation, training and agent success attracts new agents, thereby driving growth of Via Capitale’s network.

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